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Travel Grants of ASNY

Travel Grants

Travel awards (up to $500) are available to graduate and undergraduate students at any of the member institutions who have been awarded observing time at an optical or radio observatory and who need some travel support to get to the observatory. Awards are also available for travel to specialized workshops or summer schools. To make an application send an email to the current ASNY Secretary, containing a request for the funds and a copy of the letter awarding the observing or computing time. A copy of the observing proposal should also be included. In the case of workshops or summer schools, a statement of the importance of the event to the student's research or education should be included as well as a copy of the announcement and program or the URL of the relevant web pages. In each case a letter or email should be submitted by the student's faculty advisor supporting the proposed travel. Typically, awards are limited to two a year on a first-come basis.

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